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Welcome to Beast-Discussions! Have fun and stay active!
Today, october 31,2009, at 5:30 EST we made huge progress by getting 300 posts!!!!!!!!
I will be making a clan on ftb2 for the site, it will be called B.E.A.S.T, so join all!
Okay guys, to our sadness, SOCOM FTB3 has been delayed till January 12,2010. We hope there will be no more delayes.
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CW rules- reccomendation
Thu 22 Oct 2009, 13:05 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX™
Okay,so here is the rules for CWs

AWL is not reccomnded, as tehy r corrupt
Finestbattles is recomended or watevr, but AWL is not reccomended

If u dont like this,then its up to u ,not my problem that AWL is corrupt and u will prob loose.

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Site password
Wed 21 Oct 2009, 16:43 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX
The site password is beast, easy and simple.

Use this to get into any of the site rooms on ftb2 and ftb3!

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Getting VIP
Wed 21 Oct 2009, 16:42 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX
to get v.i.p, you have to meet soem reqs.

1. POST!!!
2. be nice to everyone on this site
3. be freinds with me or any of the co-owners

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Site rules
Wed 21 Oct 2009, 16:38 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX
1. No spaming.
2. Be nice to other members.
3. Dont advertise other sites on this site.
4. no double-posting
5. if u break any of these rules u could get ban or ban for life from the site
6. No posting ISO/CSO they are illegal so don't post them
7. Make sure if u post a code tell if it's NO35 or it's a 35 code
8. No spamming in the chat box

Have Fun and get peopel to

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 Pspbricker guide

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PostSubject: Pspbricker guide   Sun 01 Nov 2009, 16:00

okay here is the guide:

so, first, install pspbricker. kaucvt
open up seplugins, paste teh pspbricker.prx, the pspbricker.txt and then, add this to ur game.txt file
ms0:/seplugins/pspBricker.prx 1
also, put these codes into nite pr :
0x00804F10 0x00000000
0x00804F00 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00804F04 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00804F0C 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00804F08 0x000F4240
0x00804F08 0x0007A120
0x00804F08 0x0003D090
0x00804F08 0x0001E848
then start up ur psp and go to recovery mode, enable pspbricker.prx, start the game and enjoy

*Note: Make sure you have your animation codes that you got from the Generator in your pspbricker text file*
1) Make sure you have pspbricker enabled
2) Open NitePR and go into your browser
3) On the left side, insert this address in, 0x004EFFF4
4) the other side of the browser to left of this code you have entered should be shown as 0x00000000
5) The third zero in the code will control your animations
6) Have it stay as 0 to make pspbricker play your first animation in your pspbricker txt file.
7) To change to your other sets of animations, change that third zero to 1, this will enable your second animation in your pspbricker txt file.
Keep changing it to cycle through all of your sets of animations.

**NOTE** You will not be able to see your animations unless someone else in the lobby has a pspbricker on also. Dont think that since you cannot see it that it is not working. When someone else comes in the room with animations on you will be able to see what yours is doing.

The only way to turn off your animations competely is to turn off pspbricker in recovery mode.


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Pspbricker guide
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