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Welcome to Beast-Discussions! Have fun and stay active!
Today, october 31,2009, at 5:30 EST we made huge progress by getting 300 posts!!!!!!!!
I will be making a clan on ftb2 for the site, it will be called B.E.A.S.T, so join all!
Okay guys, to our sadness, SOCOM FTB3 has been delayed till January 12,2010. We hope there will be no more delayes.
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CW rules- reccomendation
Thu 22 Oct 2009, 13:05 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX™
Okay,so here is the rules for CWs

AWL is not reccomnded, as tehy r corrupt
Finestbattles is recomended or watevr, but AWL is not reccomended

If u dont like this,then its up to u ,not my problem that AWL is corrupt and u will prob loose.

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Site password
Wed 21 Oct 2009, 16:43 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX
The site password is beast, easy and simple.

Use this to get into any of the site rooms on ftb2 and ftb3!

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Getting VIP
Wed 21 Oct 2009, 16:42 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX
to get v.i.p, you have to meet soem reqs.

1. POST!!!
2. be nice to everyone on this site
3. be freinds with me or any of the co-owners

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Site rules
Wed 21 Oct 2009, 16:38 by Xx-B34STSH0W-xX
1. No spaming.
2. Be nice to other members.
3. Dont advertise other sites on this site.
4. no double-posting
5. if u break any of these rules u could get ban or ban for life from the site
6. No posting ISO/CSO they are illegal so don't post them
7. Make sure if u post a code tell if it's NO35 or it's a 35 code
8. No spamming in the chat box

Have Fun and get peopel to

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 some gay codes lol

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People know you !
People know you !

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PostSubject: some gay codes lol   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 21:22

#!Tint Map
0x005212E8 0x00000000

#!!----Main codes----

;Shoot through walls
0x001156b4 0x03E00008
0x001156b8 0x00000000

;see through walls
0x005212E8 0x00000000
0x005212EC 0x00FFFFFF

#Leap from Edge
;Hold Square to fly up
;Make sure you have "no fall damage" on as well!!!
0x001B74A4 0x0A33C180
0x00568528 0x436B0000
0x004F0600 0x3C0909B6
0x004F0604 0x3C0A08D7
0x004F0608 0x85385d54
0x004F060C 0x240F8000
0x004F0610 0x15F80006
0x004F0614 0x3C0DC248
0x004F0618 0x35AD0000
0x004F061C 0xAD4D8520
0x004F0620 0x0A33C18D
0x004F062C 0x8D598528
0x004F0630 0xAD598520
0x004F0634 0x03E00008

0x00277cf8 0x03E00008
0x00277cfc 0x00000000

0x0056896c 0x3FFFFFFF

#Stop equipment(launched/thrown)
0x00315ac4 0xc7b40000

#See No Explosions
0x00357a74 0x03E00008

#Instant Respawn
0x000aead0 0x10000010

#Third Party
;Must Be Turned on before in-game
0x0030913c 0x03E00008

#No Scope Recoil
0x00287f08 0x03E00008
0x00287f0C 0x00000000

#No Recoil
0x00282A80 0x03E00008

#Play dead
0x0027244c 0x03E00008

#True Vertical Clipping
0x00257fAC 0x03e00008

0x00568538 0xFFFFFFFF

#Spectator Spoof
0x2010136c 0x0a33c080
0x2018485c 0x0e2404c5
0x20184860 0x00000000
0x2049d210 0x43455053
0x2049d214 0x4f544154
0x2049d218 0x00000052
0x2049d228 0x43455053
0x2049d22c 0x4f544154
0x2049d230 0x00000052
0x204f0200 0x3c1908cf
0x204f0204 0x8f380230
0x204f0208 0x270f0001
0x204f020c 0x240e0032
0x204f0210 0x130e0004
0x204f0218 0xaf2f0230
0x204f021c 0x0a2404c5
0x204f0224 0xaf200230
0x204f0228 0x03e00008

#Bomb pops to you INSTANTLY
0x00264510 0x00000000
0x002644E8 0x3C044500
;Bombs explode instantly

#Zoom Teleport
0x001b7c00 0xE7CD0018
0x001b7c10 0xE7CD001C
0x001b7c20 0xE7CD0020

#Round Time Mod
0x0001BC90 0x3C044500

0x0013DA54 0x00000000
0x0013DBA4 0x00000000

#Huge Defuse Bomb Range
0x005685F8 0x50000000

#Huge WEAPON Pickup Range
0x005685F0 0x45000000

#Sensitive Shot
0x004a23a8 0x00000074
0x004a23ac 0x6E616373
0x004a23b0 0x00000000
0x004a23b4 0x00006E61
0x004a23b8 0x00000000
0x004a23bc 0x00796461
0x004a23c0 0x22000010

#Switch Teams
0x00182610 0x0e2517bd
0x00182614 0x00000000
0x0049E1f8 0x4d414554
0x0049E1fc 0x49575320
0x0049E200 0x00484354
0x0049E204 0x4d414554
0x0049E208 0x49575320
0x0049E20c 0x00484354

#!!------Boot Codes------

#Vote Loop Taunt-Boot

#Switch Team Boot

#Taunt boot
#Vote boot

#Silo's MenuBoot
#!!-----Health codes------

#Infinite Health + no shock
;Works against bullets + RPGs
0x00272818 0x03E00008
0x0027281c 0x00000000
0x002730f4 0x03E00008
0x002730f8 0x00000000
;No shock from nades and shotguns
0x00571498 0x447A0000

#No Fall Damage
0x00568550 0x447a0000

#No Knee Break (Fall)
0x00267784 0x03E00008
0x00267788 0x00000000

#No Flash Blindness
0x004B0160 0x00000000

#Infinite medkits
0x00609194 0x05580558

#!!-----Weapon codes------

#Infinite Ammo
;No Reload
0x0030c908 0x00C52821

#One Shot Kill
0x005F8760 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F8938 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F8B10 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9098 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9270 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9448 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9620 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F97F8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F99D0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9D80 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9F58 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005FA130 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005FA308 0xFFFFFFFF

#Rapid Fire
0x00287BDC 0x1000000B

#1.5 Throw Distance
0x005687cc 0x446A4000

#Silent Death
;Use with a silenced Sniper Rifle
0x00600CAC 0x000000FF
0x006011B4 0x000000FF
0x00601574 0x000000FF
0x00601b30 0x000000FF
0x00601FF0 0x000000FF
0x006024b0 0x000000FF
0x006029B8 0x000000FF

#No Cross hairs
0x0033c908 0x03e00008
0x0033c918 0x00000000

#R303 Online
0x00602e78 0x00000049
0x00602e7c 0x2a5270c5

#Stinger Online
0x00607af4 0x44BB8000
0x00607af8 0x00000079
0x00607afc 0xB6A2F3FB

#M7-3A online
0x00606d14 0x0000007D
0x00606d18 0xB6A2F3FB

#Less Lethal M4-90 Online
0x00605634 0x00000049
0x00605638 0x2a5270c5

#!!Fast Lock-On
;Fast Lock-On (M87ELR)
0x00602034 0x3F950000
0x00602038 0x3F950000
0x0060203C 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M40A1)
0x00601b74 0x3F950000
0x00601b78 0x3F950000
0x00601b7C 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (L96AW)
0x006011F8 0x3F950000
0x006011FC 0x3F950000
0x00601200 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SR-25)
0x006024F4 0x3F950000
0x006024F8 0x3F950000
0x006024FC 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SAS-R)
0x00600CF0 0x3F950000
0x00600CF4 0x3F950000
0x00600CF8 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (VSV-39)
0x006029FC 0x3F950000
0x00602A00 0x3F950000
0x00602A04 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M1)
0x006016b8 0x3F950000
0x006016BC 0x3F950000
0x006016C0 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (Repeating Crossbow)
0x006065F4 0x3F955000
0x006065F8 0x3F955000
0x006065FC 0x499CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (RTK-74)
0x006000D4 0x3F995000
0x006000D8 0x3F995000
0x006000DC 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SFCR-LW)
0x005FE620 0x3F995000
0x005FE624 0x3F995000
0x005FE628 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M8 )
0x005FFBF0 0x3F995000
0x005FFBF4 0x3F995000
0x005FFBF8 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (STG-77)
0x005FF09C 0x3F995000
0x005FF0A0 0x3F995000
0x005FF0A4 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SR-22)
0x005FF610 0x3F995000
0x005FF614 0x3F995000
0x005FF618 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (ATS-86G)
0x005FEC00 0x3F995000
0x005FEC04 0x3F995000
0x005FEC08 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SPZ-15)
0x00605E38 0x3F995000
0x00605E3C 0x3F995000
0x00605E40 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M60E3)
0x00600500 0x3F995000
0x00600504 0x3F995000
0x00600508 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M1918)
0x00600908 0x3F995000
0x0060090C 0x3F995000
0x00600910 0x479CCCCD

#slow-Mo Rockets
0x005fb398 0x417B0000
0x005fb570 0x417B0000

#Rockets Explode fast
0x005fb398 0x00000000
0x005fb570 0x00000000

#Bouncing Rockets
0x005fb3a4 0x00001B58
0x005fb57c 0x00001B58

#Unlimited Addons
0x00607820 0x05580558
0x006074A8 0x05580558
0x00607130 0x05580558
0x00606A2C 0x05580558
0x00608538 0x05580558
0x00608224 0x05580558

#Throw PMNS
0x006084E8 0x00000001

#Throw Claymores
0x006087F4 0x00000001
0x006081D4 0x00000001

#Throw Rockets
0x00608AFC 0x00000001
0x00608E20 0x00000001

#Lock on AT4 and RPG
0x00608ad4 0x00000001
0x00608df8 0x00000001

#Gun doesn't work
0x00283e68 0x03E00008

#Grenades don't work
0x0049e838 0x001409C8

#M203/Non-Explosive rooms
0x0063c1a8 0x000000ff

#!!----Shoot codes-----

#shoot satchel
0x0063c1ac 0x00000098

#shoot c4
0x0063c1ac 0x00000097

#shoot medkit
0x0063c1ac 0x000000d6

#shoot stinger
0x0063c1ac 0x00000098

#shoot r303
0x0063c1ac 0x00000081

#shoot pmn
0x0063c1ac 0x0000009e

#shoot m7a3
0x0063c1ac 0x0000007d

#shoot mark141
0x0063c1ac 0x0000007b

#!!------Lobby codes------

#Force Start Round
0x00145fec 0x0a2517d8
0x00145ff0 0x00000000
;The game instantly forces once you join/create an EMPTY game. Must be host

#Force (switch team = Force)
0x00145f58 0x0a2517d8
0x005aa4a8 0x46207d74
0x005aa4ac 0x6563726f
0x005aa4b0 0x6d614720
0x005aa4b4 0x00000065
;Must be host. Press Select to force.

#!!-----Offline codes-----

#One Shot Kill Off line Only
0x005F8934 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9094 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F926C 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9444 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F961C 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F97F4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F9F54 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005FA304 0xFFFFFFFF

#Superb LI
0x205207b8 0x000F423F

#Inf CE
0x205207b4 0x000F423F

#Infinite Airstrike
0x0052097C 0x3B9AC9FF

#Secret Window Big
0x000e7b8c 0x3c063E40

#Secret Window Small
0x000e7b8c 0x3c063F00

#Secret Window Upside down
0x000e7b8c 0x3c064080

#Unresponsive villagers/mercenaries
0x001ff330 0x03e00008

#One Shot Give Up
0x0056A038 0x1000000B


;A DMA code - goes to address 0x00564CC8, gets the value there, and adds it to the addresses of the cheats that follow
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00564CC8
0x00000000 0x7D312A7B
0x00000004 0x4154537B
0x00000008 0x207D5452
0x0000000C 0x52554F59
0x00000010 0x474E4520
0x00000014 0x53454E49
0x00000018 0x00212121

#Jerk my analog
;A DMA code - goes to address 0x00564CC8, gets the value there, and adds it to the addresses of the cheats that follow
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00564CC8
0x00000000 0x7D312A7B
0x00000004 0x6B72654A
0x00000008 0x20796D20
0x0000000C 0x6C616E61
0x00000010 0x7B20676F
0x00000014 0x63697453
0x00000018 0x00007D6B
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some gay codes lol
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